Let’s get a clear picture of what your company’s needs are.

We just need to source some products from China. Need to find an off-the-shelf solution.We want to re-design (reverse-engineer) an existing product or incorporate improvements to it.We want help to design a product from the scratch.

We know exactly what features the product must have.We have a good idea of what features the product should have, but are open to outside opinions.We are not sure what the key features should be and would like guidance.

We don't need any design, the product we need already exists, we just need Holbeinlabs to purchase it for us from China.We need a partial design. We have a PCB and just need the Firmware developmentWe need a partial design, just PCB and Firmware.We need full design, PCB, Firmware and a housing for the final product.

We take care of all our packaging conceptualization and design by ourselves.We can take care of some aspects of packaging design, and would like assistance with other parts.We need full support with packaging design.

We have an established door to door logistics solution in place.We have some parts of the shipping process covered, but will need help with other parts.We just want to know when the product arrives to our door and therefore would like full assistance with logistics.

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